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Zint Nutrition, White Quinoa Bag - 4 lbs (60 servings)

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ZINT Nutrition - is the super ingredients company that focuses on bringing you simply the best ingredients, always with added benefits to your health.

What’s left to say about quinoa? An ancient Andean crop revered by the Incas as “the mother of all grains,” quinoa has only recently come to the attention of the rest of the world, shooting to superfood superstar status for its amazing nutritional profile. The best-known strength of quinoa is that it’s one of the only complete protein sources in the plant world, boasting eight full grams of protein per cup, including amino acids lysine and isoleucine. It also has twice the fiber of most grains, aiding satiety to help you control your appetite. Packed with antioxidants and heart-healthy fatty acids, quinoa supports a healthy metabolism and overall wellbeing.*
The Zint Difference: Our organic white quinoa is grown thousands of meters above sea level in the northern Andes of Peru on family-owned farms. The pure, cold, arid mountain air at these high altitudes provides our quinoa with ideal conditions to thrive. It also allows for lower drying temperatures, helping to preserve all of quinoa’s delicate flavors and amazing nutrients. One dried, the bitter outer saponin layer is removed by friction, giving our quinoa a wonderfully fluffy texture and mild, nutty flavor.
• Complete vegan protein source
• Packed with fiber
• Supports a healthy metabolism*
Direction of use 1 Teaspoon with water

Supplement Facts Specifications Serving Size: 45 g Servings Per Container: 40 Amount Per Serving Total Fat 2.5g Saturated Fat 0 g Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 0mg Sodium 0mg Total Carbohydrate 30 g Dietary Fiber 2 g Total Sugars 2 g Added Sugars 0 g Protein 6 g Vitamin D 0mcg Calcium 33 mg Iron 2.4mg Potassium 0mg Other ingredients: Organic white quinoa seed

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