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The drive behind what Invivo do and offer, is to help restore human ecology. Modern medicine can have a huge impact on global resources and biodiversity, yet our health is co-dependent on the health of our environment. Becoming B Corp gives Invivo a foundation to support our mission by ensuring our business structure is sustainable. It was a natural step to make. To understand our impact, both local and within our community, as well as global, is as empowering as it is humbling. It is both a source of pride, and a huge motivator for making further positive developments in the future.


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  1. Invivo Therapeutics, Bio.Me Femme - 90 Grams

    Invivo Therapeutics, Bio.Me Femme - 90 Grams

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    • $119.99
    • $99.99
  2. Invivo Therapeutics, Bio.Me Kinetic - 90 Capsules

    Invivo Therapeutics, Bio.Me Kinetic - 90 Capsules

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    • $79.99

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