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RSF Herb - ProMen - 6 bottles(60 capsules per bottle)

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  • $599.99

Made of all natural vegetarian ingredients that are famous Western herbs, Pro Men can fight against benign prostate enlargement and are effective in treating frequent urination at night, frequent urination, and urine drop due to benign prostate enlargement. It can strengthen the urine system,

help to maintain normal urine flow and is effectively in treating congregation of urine. It will prevent prostate and bladder inflammation, prostate and bladder cancer and can improve sex drive, urine delay, and urine drop at the end of urination. There is no side effect and it is the most ideal supplement for conditioning the prostate and urine system.

SYMPTOMS: Urgent urination, burning sensation and pain during urination, difficulty in urination, thinning of urination, frequent urination at night, urination in drops.

DIRECTIONS: Take 1 capsule after breakfast and dinner

RSF Herb’s products is characterized by combining Chinese and Western medicinal studies. We merge Eastern health and medicine along with Western science, technology, theoretical research, and clinical trials to create innovative, high quality, easy-to-use, affordable, healthy, and effective products to fit our customers’ needs. That is why RSF Herb can excel in today’s fierce competition in the mainstream market. From concept and product formulations, to production and final inspection, whether tablets, capsules, powder, or liquid products, RSF Herb is committed to be diligent and responsible in meeting our customers’ expectations, and will continue to strive for nothing short of excellence

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