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RSF Herb - Liver Energy II - 6 bottles - 60 tablets each

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CONTENT: 6 Bottles (60 tablets per bottle)

Fight liver toxicity and enable the liver to dissolve toxins in blood with water and by bonding, oxidation, and acetification. It can improve and normalize liver metabolism and protect liver tissues from fat infiltration, degeneration, or cirrhosis.

It will promote the regeneration of liver cells and will help to repair damaged liver tissues. It is the best supplement for improving liver and gallbladder functions and treating acute or chronic liver diseases. It will increase the secretion of bile for dissolving fat and aid digestion.

For those who smoke and consume alcohol frequently, taking LIVER ENERGY will speed up dissolution of toxins and it is also anti-inflammatory. Skin problems are often caused by the liver’s inability to dissolve all the toxins, so it will help to improve skin condition and is very effective in preventing diseases that are caused by the buildup of toxins in liver and other organs.

IDEAL FOR: Hepatitis carriers, jaundice, fatty liver, liver inflammation from alcohol consumption, cirrhosis of the liver, liver toxins, enlarged liver, gallbladder stones, and long term medication users. SYMPTOMS: Yellow facial skin tone, spots, bad breath, poor appetite, fatigue or hangover.


DIRECTIONS: Adults take 1-2 tablets after breakfast and dinner

RSF Herb’s products is characterized by combining Chinese and Western medicinal studies. We merge Eastern health and medicine along with Western science, technology, theoretical research, and clinical trials to create innovative, high quality, easy-to-use, affordable, healthy, and effective products to fit our customers’ needs. That is why RSF Herb can excel in today’s fierce competition in the mainstream market. From concept and product formulations, to production and final inspection, whether tablets, capsules, powder, or liquid products, RSF Herb is committed to be diligent and responsible in meeting our customers’ expectations, and will continue to strive for nothing short of excellence.

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