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EYEBRIGHT II (8 bottles, 45 tablets) + MENOPAUSE RELIEF II(8 bottles, 45 tablets


The eyes are the body part that is the most vulnerable to the assault of harmful environment, especially the inevitable attack by UV rays. These will cause the eyes to become fatigue, oxidized, and aged and will have cause eye problems, such as bloodshot eyes, blurriness, dryness, pain, itchiness, sensitive to light, and over-produced tears. Bad eyes are also early signs of some diseases.

EYEBRIGHT is made of natural plants in compounds that are scientifically compatible. It will strengthen the bounciness and completeness of micro vascular, maintains a normal level of eye pressure, relief eye pressure due to glaucoma and reduces the attack to the eyes by free radicals. EYEBRIGHT will dramatically improve eye problems due to aging, such as cataract, macular degeneration, presbyopia, eye floaters, and the degeneration of optic nerves.

Presbyopia is also a kind of myopia and it usually occurs in people who are over 40 years old. The eyes will become fatigue and vision blurry after working closely with an object. This is due to the degeneration of the crystalline lens and eye muscles, which cause the eyes’ inability to focus.


When women reach middle age and as organs aged, the body’s ability to function correctly decreases and the ability to balance bodily functions also decreases. The ovarian decrease in size and functionality and the secretion of estrogen also decreases, which causes the shape of the mammary gland in breasts to change. The quality of fat decreases and the glowing and bounciness also decrease, which case sagginess. The following disorder will start to show:

•Disorder of menstrual periods •Hot flashes •Night sweats •Palpitation •Insomnia •Forgetfulness •Upsetting •Anger •Agitation •Depression •Weakness •Frequent and urgent urination •Discomfort as a result of autonomic nervous system disorder •Joint and muscle pains •Osteoporosis •Dryness in genital area •Difficulty during sexAll of which directly impacts the daily and working lives of women.MENOPAUSE RELIEF II uses the latest technology and is made of extracts from more than 10 valuable natural plants complexes. It is especially effective in invigorating ovarian cells and providing moisture and nutrients to ovarian that are starting to deteriorate and vigorously reactive their ability to secrete estrogen.

This will help ovarian to excrete matured eggs, increase the level of estrogen, improve the imbalance of secretion system, and prolong menstrual periods to prevent breast cancer, ovarian cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease and diabetes that are direct results of menopause. It reduces hot flashes, upsetting, agitation, insomnia, and forgetfulness. It reduces the build-up of fats, clears the mammary gland, restores and maintains the bounciness and perkiness of breasts, increases the secretion of endocrine and invigorates the genital area, improves sex life and sleep quality.

The earlier women start taking good care of themselves the better. It is especially suitable for pre-menopause, during menopause and post menopause. It is effective in reactivating the functions of the ovarian and delays the arrival of menopause. If taken for prolonged period of time, women will maintain their youth and beauty, maintain smooth skin, prevent dark spots from forming, and maintain the firmness of breasts to become attractive again. (does not contain any estrogen)

DIRECTIONS: Take 1-3 times a day and 1-2 tablets each time (after meals)CONTENT: 8 bottles (45 tablets per bottle)

RSF Herb’s products is characterized by combining Chinese and Western medicinal studies. We merge Eastern health and medicine along with Western science, technology, theoretical research, and clinical trials to create innovative, high quality, easy-to-use, affordable, healthy, and effective products to fit our customers’ needs. That is why RSF Herb can excel in today’s fierce competition in the mainstream market. From concept and product formulations, to production and final inspection, whether tablets, capsules, powder, or liquid products, RSF Herb is committed to be diligent and responsible in meeting our customers’ expectations, and will continue to strive for nothing short of excellence.

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