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Remcure Enterprises - Magnetic Pill - 1 month supply

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Taking this incredible, scientifically proven brain supplement, gives you deeper meditations, expanded consciousness, and all the benefits of a body that is fine-tuned to greater levels of development.

This is the most advanced, cutting-edge mind expansion supplement you can find. It’s the result of eight years of extensive research, experimentation, and refinement.

Magnetic Pill is a Pharmaceutical Grade Supplement filled with the highest quality ingredients. And with only 2 pills a day, you will see profound benefits, not just in your spiritual and sixth sense abilities, but also in your nervous system and overall health.


  • Deeper, easier more profound meditations (get “in the zone” and focus)
  • Be in a calm, centered meditative state, even when you aren’t meditating
  • Dramatic experiences of expanded consciousness and increased sensory, all of the time
  • Super charge your consciousness while expanding the possibilities of what meditation can do for you


  • Stimulate dormant brain regions to create whole brain functioning (Think genius state)
  • Heighten your creativity, boost your intelligence, and increase your ability to learn
  • Increase the speed at which you think by multiplying the number of neural connections within your mind
  • Discover what your brain is hiding from you. Break through!


  • Rapid increase in sensory (Most people aren’t prepared for this)
  • Rejuvenate, expand, and maximize the neural-system of the body (heal nerve damage)
  • Allow your body to operate at its highest level of efficiency (faster muscle growth, stronger immune system, increased vitality)
  • Induce relaxation, relieve pain, and improve blood flow

Directions It is advised to take 1 capsul of Magnetic Pill twice per day, preferably with a glass of water.

Ingredients Thiamin - B1: Necessary for Sharp Memory & Proper Eye Movement. Riboflavin - B2: Integral nutrient in Cellular Energy Production. Niacinamide - B3: Improves Circulation. Pantothenic Acid - B5: Strengthens Adrenals & Alleviates Fatigue. Pyridoxine - B6: Promotes greater Thought Clarity & Proper Amino Acid Metabolism. Biotin - B7: Necessary nutrient for Cell Growth. Folic Acid - B9: Critical nutrient for Brain Health & Cell Division. Cyanocobalamin - B12: Needed for cell division & Neural Signaling. Significantly Boosts Energy Levels. Magnesium: Required Cofactor for hundreds of Enzymatic Reactions including: Energy Production, Nerve Impulses, & Muscle Relaxation. Vitamin D3: Offsets Stress & Depression caused by Inadequate Sunlight. Needed for Bone Mineralization. Magnetitum Extract: Invaluable in the Strengthening of the Energy Bodies and Expansion of the Mind, Enhances Awareness of Subtle Energy Frequencies & plays a Crucial Role in the Perception of Reality. DMAE: Stimulates Neural Activity & Sharpens Focus. (very helpful for meditators!) Inositol: Plays a role in Gene Expression, Neural Signaling, & Serotonin Activity. Choline Bitartrate: Important nutrient for Cognitive Function & Memory. Shizandra Berry Extract: Stimulates Central Nervous System, Increases Brain Efficiency, & Promotes Mental Clarity and Focus. GABA: Promotes opening of Ion Channels in Nerve Cells, Regulates Growth of Neural Stem Cells & Supports Brain and Nerve Metabolism.

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