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NuMedica, SlimFit Chocolate - 21 svgs

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NuMedica is an NSF GMP Certified, FDA registered company implementing the latest quality control standards in manufacturing and testing of our formulas. Our formulas are designed with active ingredients for higher performance along with advanced nutrient delivery methods and Enhanced Absorption Technologies offering value through increased bioavailability.

Advancing Nutrition Through Science & Research

Innovation at NuMedica is founded on our commitment to quality, safety and performance. As one of the foremost brands of clinical nutrition in the professional market, we partner with healthcare professionals to address their needs in helping patients achieve better health.

SlimFit® Chocolate,All-Natural Whey Protein Isolate/Concentrate BlendSlimFit® is a delicious blend of three of the highest quality whey protein concentrates and isolates from around the world: microfiltered, ion-exchanged and enzymatically hydrolyzed (partially predigested). This blend has a variety of well-known naturally occurring bioactive milk proteins. The specially processed whey protein in SlimFit® is designed to maximize amino acid absorption, biological value (BV) and net protein utilization (NPU).SlimFit® Chocolate provides 24 grams of whey protein, which is considered to have the highest biological value of any protein source and is superior in essential amino acid content as compared to beef, milk, casein or soy. SlimFit® contains substantially more protein and half the sugar of other popular products. Since SlimFit® has a very low glycemic index, it is suitable for many people who are on restricted diets.
Stir or blend 1 level scoop (42 grams) into 8 ounces of water. Take once per day or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. To increase sweetness, use less water. To decrease sweetness, add more water.


One Scoop Contains:



Calories From Fat


Total Fat

2 g

   Saturated Fat

1 g


60 mg


70 mg


300 mg

Total Carbohydrates

8 g

Dietary Fiber

1 g


2 g


4 g


24 g





Ingredients: Whey Protein Blend [ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate (including ß-lactoglobulin, a-lactalbumin, immunoglobulins and serum albumin), microfiltered whey protein isolate (including ß-lactoglobulin, a-lactalbumin, immunoglobulins and glycomacro peptides) and enzymatically hydrolyzed whey protein concentrate],  xylitol, cocoa, natural flavors, BetterStevia™ [Organic Stevia Extract (leaf)], free-form l-glutamine, soy lecithin, and xanthan gum.

Typical Amino Acid Profile (mg per serving):

Essential Amino Acids: L-Histidine 525, L-Isoleucine 1,458, L-Leucine 2,873, L-Lysine 2,226, L-Methionine 558, L-Phenylalanine 849, L-Threonine 1,790, L-Tryptophan 458, L-Valine 1,382

Non-Essential Amino Acids: L-Alanine 1,895, L-Arginine 663, L-Aspartic Acid 2,777, L-Cysteine 458, L-Glutamic Acid 4,326, L-Glutamine 420, Glycine 492, L-Proline 1,353, L-Serine 1,491, L-Tyrosine 861

Contains: Milk and soy.

Does Not Contain: Eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives.

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