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Min Shan, An Shen Buxin Wan - 200 Pills

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Min Shan teapills are produced at The Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical Factory, which has met current International GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards for more than a decade. Lanzhou Foci was named one of the top 50 makers of Traditional Chinese Herbs in China among more than 3,000 producers. Founded in 1929, Lanzhou Foci modernized the production of Chinese formulas and used its accumulated knowledge to create the popular Min Shan line of products.

Min Shan certifies that its products contains 100% natural Chinese herbs - no preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, refined sugar or pharmaceuticals. Min Shan uses only the highest quality unsulfered herbs and tests each batch for microbials and heavy metals. Min Shan Brand Teapills have long been a staple of the Chinese community''s herbal remedy needs.

TCM Functions:  Tonifies Yin, Nourishes Blood, Calms the Hun and Shen, Subdues Liver Yang, Clears Deficiency Heat, Regulates Qi and Blood

Standard Dosage:  8 pills, 3 x per day

Clinical Dosage: Administer half an hour before or one hour after eating. In the initial phases, dosage may be increased to 8-12 pills 3 times per day, then reduced to a maintenance dose as the formula takes effect. To help maintain normal sleep patterns 8-16 pills may be administered before bed. May be used medium to long-term for several weeks to several months.

May be used periodically over the course of several years. Monitor for signs of Spleen Qi deficiency. In the presence of mild food stagnation with a tendency to dampness or phelgm, may be administered with Bao He San/Wan or Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi San/Wan. Contraindications (all):  Contraindicated during pregnancy. Use with caution in Spleen deficient patients with a tendency to loose stools, diarrhea, poor appetite or chronic digestive weakness. Contraindicated during the early stages of acute infection or illness, such as cold or flu. Use with caution in hemorrhagic disorders or with patients on anti-coagulant therapy.    

Direction of use:
Standard Dosage: 8 pills, 3 x per day

Ingredients (Pin Yin):  Zhen zhu mu, Ye jiao teng, Nu zhen zi, Dan shen, Han lian cao, Tu si zi, He huan pi, Sheng di huang, Wu wei zi, Shi chang pu

  Cristaria plicata shell, Polygonum multiflorum vine, Ligustrum lucidum fruit, Salvia miltiorrhiza root, Eclipta prostrata herb, Cuscuta chinensis seed, Albizia julibrissin bark, Rehmannia glutinosa root-raw, Schisandra chinensis fruit, Acorus tatarinowii rhizome

Other Ingredients:
  Maltose, Talcum, Activated carbon, Botanical wax

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