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Jigsaw Health, Aussie Trace Minerals - 8 Fl Oz

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  • $23.97

Replenish the minerals your body needs but can't easily obtain from food due to over farming of the land. Available in their free Ionic Forms, allowing for quick absorption. Minerals are the building blocks for teeth, bones, tissue, muscles and organs, and are required for blood formation and hormonal production

Ways to Take It

We're not going to lie to you, because of the amount of trace elements and micro minerals, this stuff tastes terrible. But here are some fabulous suggestions for ways you can take it, without having to taste it.

    Put it in your soup
    Add it to hot tea, coffee, or other hot drinks
    Add it to any cold drink, like juice or cold tea
    Include it in your cooking
    Mix it in the dough of your baked goods before baking
    Put one serving in a gallon of water, and drink it throughout the day to give your body a consistent spoon feeding of minerals.

If you want, you can also take it like a shot, and rinse it down with something else. The taste, unlike other mineral supplements, goes away immediately.

If you grow your own fruits or vegetables, you can add it to the soil, and your plants will eat it up! That's also a great way to get extra minerals in your body.

Aussie Trace Minerals - 8 Fl Oz

Aussie Trace Minerals - 8 Fl Oz

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