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InterPlexus, Répleniss - 7 Sachets

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Synbiotic providing Prebiotics & Probiotics with 50 billion CFUs per sachet

Répleniss is a high dose multi-strain probiotic providing 50 billion CFU per sachet. It contains three select dairy free probiotic organisms (La-14, Ls-33, Bl-05) plus inulin as a prebiotic to encourage dominance and continued growth of beneficial flora.*

7 x 0.35 oz (10 g) Sachets

Net wt 2.5 oz (71 g)

InterPlexus Repleniss is a synbiotic providing 7 nitrogen packed doses each containing 50 billion microorganisms. Use InterPlexus Repleniss as a follow-on synbiotic to establish dominance of the freshly implanted microflora.

The newly implanted resident species require an additional 7-14 days of fortification to achieve dominant climax communities. This objective is achieved by daily use of the synbiotic Repleniss. InterPlexus Repleniss is suitable for vegetarians, and free of soy, egg and gluten. The Rejuvi-Flora SystemThe Rejuvi-Flora System is a four-step system designed to bring microflora back to healthy and optimal levels. Shortened use, insufficient counts and lack of ongoing nourishment are shortcomings of other microflora supplements. The Rejuvi-Flora System is a COMPLETE replenishment course.

OverviewThe total size of the intestinal microflora in adults is estimated at 40-80 trillion microorganisms. The majority of this micro-flora is found in progressively increasing numbers, between the end of the small intestine and the distal colon. Under regular conditions, various pathogens and opportunistic microorganisms intermingle with the friendly microorganisms, but are normally suppressed, and do not achieve numerical superiority (overgrowth).

Mild to moderate stressors (such as being sick with a cold or the flu or going through stressful times in your life) and usage of antibiotics, can dislodge some of the good and friendly bacteria, thus allowing unhealthy opportunists to overgrow to undesirable levels. Bringing your microflora back into balance for optimal health is something you may want to consider. InterPlexus offers a complete system for microflora rejuvenation. if you have experienced any of the following situations in the last 6 months, you may benefit from a probiotic replenishment course:Being sick (cold, flu, strep throat, etc.)Being under stress (this can be either positive OR negative stress

Directions Mix 1/2 or full sachet into water, juice or apple sauce, and consume immediately. Repeat in 2 to 3 days or as directed by your physician.

Ingredients Répleniss is a high dose multi-strain probiotic providing 50 billion CFU per sachet.

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