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Healthy Choice Naturals - Raspberry Ketones Trim XT-Plus - 60 Vegicaps

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•500mg of Raspberry Ketone per Capsule •PLUS the Benefits of Green Tea, Acai Berry, Pomegranite & Blueberry •Manufactured in the USA in an FDA Compliant Facility •Healthy Choice Naturals-BBB A+ Rated

Raspberry Ketones Natural Weight Management Formula

500mg Raspberry Ketones

You may have heard about the powerful properties of raspberry ketones on The Dr. Oz Show. He explained how it was discovered that the natural phenolic compound that gives raspberries (rubus idaeus) their pleasant aroma also regulates adiponectin, a fat-moderating hormone that affects metabolism.

The Raspberry Ketone compound interacts directly with fat cells in the body, prompting them to break down so they can burn more efficiently – a process that can play a vital role in overall weight management.

The only catch is that you would have to consume 90 pounds of raspberries to stimulate effects of adiponectin in your body. Luckily, just 100mg of a raspberry ketone supplement is enough.

Health Choice Naturals' Raspberry Ketones are packed with 500mg of Raspberry Ketones. Healthy and natural, our Raspberry Ketone supplements also contain key antioxidants and ingredients and are a great addition to any diet and exercise program.

Take just one 500mg capsule twice daily as a supplement, 30 minutes before meals. If you aren't impressed with the results, we offer a 90 day money back guarantee

Take Just 1 Easy-to-Swallow Raspberry Ketone Capsule Twice a Day As a Supplement Before Meals There's no need to mix a powder into a liquid and try to gulp it down. You can get all the benefits of Raspberry Ketones in our affordable twice-daily supplements.

Ingredients Healthy Choice Naturals™ Raspberry Ketones combine these powerhouse nutrients: Green Tea: Pairing 400mg of Green Tea extract with Raspberry Ketone creates a nutritional blockbuster. One of the types of antioxidants in green tea is a catechin polyphenol. Acai Berry: Our Raspberry Ketone formula contains 25mg of Acai Berry. The Acai Berry's pulp and skin deliver a fiber content of around 40%, along with beneficial Omega 6 and 9 fats. Pomegranate: Hailed as a wonder fruit, Pomegranate juice is higher in antioxidants than red wine. With Raspberry Ketones, there's no need to drink a lot of juice to get the benefits because 25mg of Pomegranate is included in our Raspberry Ketone supplement. Blueberry: Besides being sky-high in Vitamin C and antioxidants, blueberries are full of fiber, and you get a full 25mg in our Raspberry Ketone supplements. They also contain Manganese, which helps convert fats, carbohydrates, and proteins into energy. Readily available energy is ready to burn! Raspberry (whole fruit): The benefits of this little red fruit are blended into our Raspberry Ketones (25mg). Raspberries contain antioxidants and they are rich in vitamins, C, A and E, minerals, potassium, B-complex vitamins and vitamin K.

Raspberry Ketones is manufactured in the United States in an FDA Compliant facility and complies with all state and federal laws, as well as GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices.

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