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Gifted Earth Originals GEO Organic Egg White Protein

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Plain organic egg white powder, 4 grams of protein per scoop. Approx 34 servings per cannister. Can be used for baking, camping or protein supplementation.

Whether you’re a vegetarian, body building or just need more protein in your diet, Gifted Earth Originals’ delicious new products will meet your needs.  Gifted Earth Originals is a new retail line of 100% egg white powder protein shakes and plain organic egg white powder for retail markets.  This offering is from parent company FOF International which also sells frozen and powdered egg products in both organic and cage free market segments in the United States and Internationally.

So why choose Gifted Earth Originals?  Gifted Earth Originals is about more than just producing and selling a protein shake–besides being 100% organic and delicious, we make it our commitment to work with smaller organic and cage-free chicken, family farms.  In return for their egg harvest we provide them with fair trade pricing structures.  Our company, and those that we partner with, all work hard to guarantee a full line of Certified Humane cage-free and organic egg products.

organic egg white

  • protein supplement
  • zero cholesterol, zero fat
  • weight management
  • non-dairy, non-soy, gluten free

4 grams of protein per scoop. Approx 34 servings per cannister

Ingredients organic egg albumen Approx 34 servings per cannister

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