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Dr. Whitaker's Joint & Bone Essentials + TriComfort Essentials VitaKit

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Two new and improved, clinically studied formulasTackle joint pain starting in as little as 5 days plus support joint and bone health!Together, TriComfort Essentials™ and Joint & Bone Essentials™ deliver a complete joint and bone health and pain relief package, as they: Alleviate joint pain starting in as little as 5 days Significantly reduce your pain after 30 days Build healthy joints and support healthy joint cartilage Support bone structure, strength, and optimal bone density Support physical mobility and function And so much more… If you’re active you know how important it is to relieve joint pain quickly so you can stay active. What’s more, you know support of your joints and bones is equally important for the long term. That’s why this supplement duo is my top recommendation for alleviating joint pain quickly—starting in as little as 5 days—and supporting overall joint and bone health.TriComfort Essentials: Get More with Less!Many joint supplements on the market today require multiple pills to provide pain relief. But with TriComfort Essentials (formerly, Joint & Muscle Comfort Plus®) you get joint relief fast with just one highly concentrated pill. What’s more, TriComfort Essentials starts working its ‘magic’ in as little as 5 days, providing well deserved comfort and relief so you can move more freely, enjoy full range of motion, and remain active.3 Clinically Studied ‘Miracle Workers’ Reduce Inflammatory Markers and Pain, Improve Mobility AprèsFlex®(100 mg) In clinical studies, AprèsFlex® proved to be a true superstar with significant reduction in pain intensity and improvement in daily functions that were hindered by pain—starting in as little as 5 days. And after 30 days, a substantial improvement was seen in pain relief, stiffness and functional ability1 In a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study, participants with joint aches and pain took 100 mg of AprèsFlex or a placebo daily for 30 days. Three well-regarded pain assessment scales to measure pain, stiffness, and physical function were used—and in all three, AprèsFlex was superior. In a measure of pain intensity, AprèsFlex showed a 14.8% better reduction in pain than the placebo starting in just 5 days. In a measure of daily functions hindered by pain, AprèsFlex showed a 16.3% better reduction starting in just 5 days. And after 30 days, those taking AprèsFlex reported a 40.1% improvement in pain relief…a 41.3% improvement in stiffness…and a 38.8% improvement in functional ability.UC-II® (40 mg): UC-II is an all-natural, patented collagen standardized to undenatured type II collagen. Undenatured Type II Collagen triggers the deactivation of the inflammatory process in the joints to help protect your joints against pain and inflammation.Single-sourced and manufactured in the USA, UC-II collagen is extracted using a low-heat, non-enzymatic process that preserves its natural form UC-II (40 mg), helps block collagen breakdown, alleviates joint pain particularly after exercise, improves flexibility and mobility—and is clinically shown to be even more effective than glucosamine and chondroitin for reducing joint pain and exercise-induced joint discomfort, as measured by three standard pain measurement indicators: WOMAC, VAS, and LFI.2Please note that glucosamine is still highly effective for long-term joint and cartilage health, which is why it continues to be an important ingredient in my Joint & Bone Essentials™. However, when it comes to joint discomfort and stiffness, research shows that UCII can provide even more pain relief.Meriva® (200 mg): This powerful turmeric extract is 45X more bioavailable than ordinary curcumin, helps promote a normal inflammatory response, and provides antioxidants that reduce free radicals for healthy joints. A native to India and Southeast Asia, turmeric has been used as a traditional medicine for thousands of years. And turmeric, with curcumin as the active component, has been used as an anti-inflammatory agent to alleviate aches and pains.Joint & Bone Essentials: 5 Researched Nutrients Support Joint and Bone Health!Joint & Bone Essentials (formerly Joint Essentials®) is now more powerful than ever with the addition of MBP® Milk Peptide and vitamin D. MBP has the ability to promote the body’s natural mechanism for supporting optimal bone density and has been shown to promote bone formation, regulate the activity of osteoclasts, and inhibit excessive bone breakdown.Milk Basic Protein Increases Bone Mass DensityOur bodies continuously break down and build bone. The key is to keep this process in balance, constantly building new bone at the rate you break down existing bone. That’s why I made sure my research team added the powerful, clinically studied MBP to Joint & Bone Essentials—because healthy joints start with strong, healthy bones.The Bone Cycle Research Shows Vitamin D is Essential for Strong Bones, Muscle Strength and BalanceI also added 2000 IU vitamin D to Joint & Bone Essentials, because it plays a crucial role in maintaining bone density and strength by aiding in the absorption of calcium and reducing the loss of calcium in the urine.You may already be getting calcium from your multinutrient or a standalone supplement, which is great news, especially when combined with the vitamin D in Joint & Bone Essentials. In addition, vitamin D and calcium are critical nutrients for muscle strength and balance.Plus, Joint & Bone Essentials continues to include these cutting-edge nutrients that make it so effective for my active patients and customers.Glucosamine (1500 mg): Studies indicate that glucosamine supports the creation of healthy joint cartilage and healthy joint structures by helping to maintain normal joint space. Glucosamine also helps alleviate everyday joint aches and pains.4NEM® natural eggshell (500 mg): NEM supports healthy joint structures and cartilage and helps soothe joint pain. In a four-week study, adults took either 500 mg NEM or a placebo while following an exercise routine, rating their pain immediately after and then one day after exercising. The NEM group had a 34% decrease in post-exercise induced joint pain, compared to participants in the placebo group.5FruiteX-B® (222 mg): Clinical studies suggest this unique complex of boron and calcium is essential for bone development. In a pilot clinical trial, taking 222 mg FruiteX-B (the dosage in Joint & Bone Essentials) increased serum vitamin D levels in people who were deficient. Two additional pilot studies indicated that FruiteX-B also promoted strong joint health.6Taken together, TriComfort Essentials and Joint & Bone Essentials are the perfect combination for joint pain relief and for the bone-building benefits you need for truly strong, healthy joints.

Doctor's Suggested Use: Take 4 capsules daily with a meal.

Ingredients and Dosage

1. Joint & Bone Essentials

Doctor's Suggested Use: Take 4 capsules daily with a meal.

Serving Size: 4 Capsules Servings Per Container: 30

IngredientAmount Per Serving% DV
Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol)2,000 IU500%
Glucosamine Sulfate (from chitin)1,500 mg*
NEM® brand eggshell membrane500 mg*
FruiteX-B®§ (as calcium fructo-borate)222 mg*
MBP®• (milk protein)40 mg*
* Daily Value (DV) not established

Other ingredients: Gelatin, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate


Note: Pregnant or lactating women should consult a health care professional before taking this product. Keep out of reach of children.

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