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Body Tools - Spine Aligner

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Quality products made in the USA of Pacific Northwest Alder. They use NO rainforest wood products. New packaging that is easy to display, using materials that are kind to the environment. Each piece is ecologically finished.

dipped in beeswax blended oils. Spine-Aligner: Two tools in one! Famous for unique design, this tool is unparalleled. Used to adjust the back like the Maxie-Backsie or use ridges for double foot and hand massage. Reduces stress and is our best buy!

An excellent device for massaging the spinal column.

  • Massages on your muscles while you're relaxing in the comfort of your own home.
  • Stimulates three fundamental lines of energy known to every ancient culture around the world.
  • Made of Natural Wood.
  • Comfortable, deep penetrating massage.

How To Use These Massage Tools Try it! feels so good. Begin by just lying still on the carpet or exercise mat and starting at the top of the spine. Rest for a count of 10 and gradually work the tool down your spine, stopping at each vertebra and focusing on that spot, slowly stretch and loosen each muscle on either side of the spine. Gradually locate the most tender areas by positioning the tool slowly inch by inch. As you rest on the tool, the pain should slowly ease your energy, your energy

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