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Be Whole - DHA Max Vegetarian Omega 3 DHA - 350 mg DHA - 60 Liquid Capsules

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Be Whole - DHA Max Maximum Strength Vegetarian Omega 3 DHA - 350 mg DHA - 60 Liquid Capsules

The Purest Source of Vegetarian DHA: 100% Plant-Based & Water Extracted

Plant DHA Max cuts out the animal middlemen - fish and krill - and goes to mother natures true source of DHA, the algae the fish and krill eat. This plant-based approach delivers DHA triglycerides in the purest and most natural form as well as eliminates the risk of ocean-borne contaminates.

We extract the oil leveraging a water extraction process that eliminates the use of chemical solvents - leaving Plant DHA Max free of chemical residue and in its natural form and structure. The extraction process also maximizes the purity and concentration of Plant DHA Max

Supports Brain, Heart & Eye Health and Function - as well as Prenatal Health and Baby Development During Pregnancy & Breastfeeding •Purest and Most Concentrated Source of DHA - Contains Up To 99% DHA Triglycerides & Delivers 350mg DHA Per Capsule

•Water Extracted for Purity and Safety - No Hexane or Chemical Solvents Used; the water extraction process physically rather than chemically separates the DHA triglycerides from the algae

•Carrageenan Free Capsules - We are the first plant-based DHA supplement to eliminate the use of Carrageenan due to recent studies revealing its harmful inflammatory effects. •Botanically Derived & Free of GMO's, Carrageenan, Animal Products, Heavy Metals, Fillers, Binders, Soy, Chemical Additives, Synthetic Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Flavors, Sunflower, Dairy, Gluten, Irradiation, PCB's, Dioxin's

take 1 capsules with meal

The Highest Concentration of DHA. Maximum Strength

Plant DHA Max delivers the highest concentration of DHA. The oil found in Plant DHA Max has approximately 99% DHA triglyceride levels & over 50% concentration of DHA. On top of that, one capsule delivers 350 mg of DHA. No other source of plant-based DHA has achieved such high purity & concentration levels. .

Free of GMO's, Chemical Additives or Contaminates

The algae used to produce Plant DHA Max is 100% GMO free Chromista Algae and grown in controlled tanks free of any possible contaminates. We have also eliminated the use of chemical additives such as fillers, binders, synthetic preservatives, artificial flavoring or GMO additives such as sorbitol or modified cornstarch.

Carrageenan Free Capsules We are proud to be the first source of plant-based DHA to eliminate the use of carrageenan, which is a potentially harmful ingredient used in vegetarian capsules. Plant DHA Max is encapsulated using 100% vegetarian liquid capsules that are derived from vegetable cellulose.

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