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Bayview - Dvd Pumping Iron, 1 dvd

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In 1977, an independent documentary movie shone a light on the world of bodybuilding, becoming a huge box office hit and creating an international sensation. It launched one man's multi-million dollar career and changed the world of bodybuilding and physical exercise forever: "Pumping Iron". Starring five-time Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the movie followed the 28-year old bodybuilder as he competed for his 6th title.

The 1970's was definitely the halcyon days of international bodybuilding...two forward thinking brothers, Ben & Joe Weider, took a novelty sport, propelled it to stellar heights, built a publishing & business empire and gave the phrase "pumping iron" respectability and recognition worldwide.

However, the Weider's would never have been as successful, if it had not been for a brash, young, quick talking bodybuilder from Austria (with a super hero, chiselled physique ) named Arnold Schwarzenneger who was the "golden boy" of bodybuilding's golden age.

great dvd as for amazing successful.



Starring:Lou Ferrigno, Arnold Schwarzenegger
Director:Robert Fiore
Studio Name:Warner Home Video
DVD Release Date:05/04/2009
Rating:Not Rated
Screen Format:Full Frame
Run Time (in minutes):85 minutes

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