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April's Green Tea Original, Tea Bags, 20 Tea Bags in Boxes (Pack of 4)

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April's Green Tea is made only with tea leaves harvested in MT. Ji Ri region of South Korea, in April from the very first crop of the year. In South Korea, we call it Woo Jun. Only Woo Jun is allowed so that we maintain the fresh taste, a distinctive aroma, delicate color, and pleasant after taste.

Limited Production from MT. JI-RI Region of South Korea where less than 1% of green teas in the world are cultivated

  • Made with youngest green leaves harvested in April
  • Made with carefully selected premium quality of green tea leaves
  • No Staples. Each tea bag is sewed with natural string.
  • Contain natural fruity aroma and give clean and refresh feeling
Immserset a tea bag in a hot water(158F) for 2-3 minutes.
Ingredients 100% Green Tea

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