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Apex Energetics GlutenFlam (K52) - 60 capsules

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GlutenFlam is formulated to help reduce the effects of gluten sensitivities by helping in a more complete digestion of gluten and provide support to the intestinal barrier. Supporting the intestinal barrier helps the immune system through the prevention of toxins and undigested food particles from entering the bloodstream.

GlutenFlam™ is a one-of-a-kind digestive aid that is designed not only to offer powerful DPP IV gluten-digestive enzymes, but also to support the intestines, using specially targeted bioflavonoids.* This formula is also intended to support the digestion of the prolamine-rich peptides in gliadin and aids the intestinal barrier.* Key ingredients include quercetin, luteolin, and lycopene.

  • Support Digestion
  • Help Immune System

This one-of-a-kind digestive aid is designed not only to provide powerful gluten digestive enzymes, but also to support intestinal health during gluten exposure, using specially targeted bioflavonoids.? Two formulas in one

Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules 2 times a day with meals (use half the adult serving for children), or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Storage instructions: Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Keep this bottle tightly closed.

Warning: Consult your healthcare professional before use if pregnant, nursing, taking medications, or for any use by minors.

Supplement Facts
Serving size 2 vegetarian capsules 
Servings per container
Amount Per Serving%DV
Proprietary Flavanoid Blend: 
140 mg
Aloe Vera Gel Extract (Aloe barbadensis) (leaf)
Quercetin (as quercetin dihydrate)
Luteolin (from Chrysanthemum Extract
[Dendranthema morifolium]) (leaf)
Apigenin (from Chamomile Extract
[Matricaria recutita]) (flower)
Proprietary Enzyme Blend: 
880 mg
DPP IV Peptidase Blend (protease I, II, III, IV, V)
Amylase I
Amylase II
*Daily Value (DV) not established.
Other ingredients: Vegetarian capsule (HPMC), cellulose.

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