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A World of Wipes Professional CPAP Mask Wipes - 12 Pack Case

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  • $139.99

Clean your CPAP mask with Unscented CPAP Mask Wipes.  Keeping your CPAP equipment clean protects your health and extends the life of your equipment.   Using dirty CPAP masks or hoses can expose you to bacteria or other pathogens that can adversely affect your health, and keeping your mask clean will make it last longer.

Made from 100% natural cotton, these CPAP mask wipes allow you to clean your CPAP mask quickly and effectively. They can be used to remove dirt, grease, oil, and organic material that may build up on the surface of your CPAP masks, which may contribute to allergies or skin irritation.

Use Unscented CPAP Mask Wipes to clean all types of CPAP and BiPAP masks. You may even use them to clean the surfaces of other CPAP components, such as tubing and hoses, humidifiers, and headgear. This product contains no alcohol or other harsh ingredients, making it safe and gentle to the skin.

These biodegradable and environment-friendly wipes are packaged in canisters that contain 62 sheets. And because they are unscented, these CPAP mask cleaners are ideal for those sensitive to odors.

Make the most of your CPAP therapy and better your overall health by using freshly cleaned equipment all the time. Grab these unscented CPAP mask wipes - cleaning convenience in a canister!

Made from 100% natural cotton

Made up of 100% cotton

  • Alcohol- and latex-free
  • Biodegradable
  • Each wipe measures 5” x 8” inches
  • Packaged in canisters containing 62 wipes
  • Unscented

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